Someone’s come a long way since Dawson’s Creek. Sure, Katie Holmes may be wife to the most recognizable movie star and mother to the youngest style icon of the century, but does she have any Oscar noms? Didn’t think so.

Michelle Williams, the erstwhile Jen Lindley, has solidified her status as an A-list fashion plate and award-winning actress.

I absolutely adored her heartbreaking performance alongside her late baby daddy Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, but more notably, the mustard Vera Wang gown she wore to the 2006 Oscars on Ledger’s arm is one of my all-time favorite Red Carpet stunners. She owned the entire Red Carpet that night, and her fashion-and film-choices have followed that bold move ever since then. That breathtaking move will be remembered as one of the greatest fashion moments in Red Carpet history.

She drew raves for another raw, gritty turn in Blue Valentine alongside another heartthrob, and was rumored to have lived with co-star Ryan Gosling to get into character. Suddenly, the world woke up to the incredibly talented actress that had been lurking there underneath the teen Joey/Dawson/Pacey drama typecast.

Her pixie cut also caught attention when she walked the Red Carpet as a nominee at the 2011 Oscars. How adorable is she? Michelle has taken style acclaim in stride, as she privately tends to her and Ledger’s young daughter Matilda. She genuinely seems to not crave the spotlight for any crazy off-camera antics, and she has so far succeeded in being recognized for her work and style. Mom to 6-year old Matilda is also admired for keeping her daughter as sheltered and out of the Hollywood spotlight as much as possible- saying “it’s very much an adult world.” Next up: playing Glinda in the highly anticipated Oz, which she has called “the best thing to happen professionally to us” because Matilda can come along to set.

Of course, the current buzz is about her transformative role as Marilyn Monroe in the acclaimed My Week With Marilyn. Michelle is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical- and an Oscar nom might not be far behind. She channeled the bombshell for the film and magazine covers, and exuded every inch the mystery and drama of the late icon (she even does all her own singing!)

Be sure to keep an eye out for this emerging style star on the upcoming Red Carpet  Sunday night and all awards season! And with her talent, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see her on many a Red Carpet to come.

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