I’ve been religiously watching all Real Housewives franchises (except the Bravo brain farts that were D.C. and Miami, ew!) and I have admired several favorites. I think Tamra Barney is the most naturally beautiful, and she is so entertaining and likeable; I think Dina Manzo is the most genuinely kind-hearted and admirable, and Kyle Richards is too cute for words. But lately, an unlikely character has been emerging as my new favorite Housewife.

The reality TV world was introduced to Camille Grammer- and got a front row seat to the train wreck ending of her marriage to Kelsey Grammer- during Season 1 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which first aired in the summer of 2010.

During season one, as she was (understandably) going through a difficult time in her life, Camille wasn’t necessarily a “fan favorite”- overshadowed by Giggy Vanderpump’s utter frivolity and the Richards sisters’ sibling squabbles. She caught flack for her four nannies. She was even positively UN-likeable during the infamous “Dinner Party” episode when she so viciously sicced that wacky “medium” upon her dinner guests, inciting one of the most dramatic Real Housewives episodes to date.


But as early as the Season 1 Reunion, and certainly in Season 2, we see a softer, mellower side of Camille. I can’t say how graceful or gentle I would have acted if I were going through a divorce scandal as publically humiliating as she was at the time. Post-Kelsey, Camille has become more fun- she’s able to laugh at herself, and people are able to relate to her.


Plus, she has the most amazing body. This shot from the January 2 episode, shot in Hawaii, was enough to make me put down the Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream. We’ve seen her dance provocatively on the show before, and don some gorgeously slinky Ramona Keveza gowns, but this season, she lounges by the pool with fellow hottie Housewife (and public divorce veteran) Brandi Glanville. New girl crush alert? Maybe. Certainly not Giuliana Rancic status, but I can say, I’ve truly come to admire Camille for her honesty as well as her style this season. And I want to know her workout routine!


She had the guts to call Taylor Armstrong’s bluff during the tea party/intervention. With the hindsight of the tragic events that unfolded later for Taylor and Russell Armstrong, that can’t be easy to watch back on Bravo, along with millions of judging viewers. But she shows grace, humility, and genuine friendship along the way.  Also, I love how she snidely shuts down wannabe suck-up Dana’s brags about her $1 million lollipop holder and $25,000 sunglasses.


I wanted to give Camille a hug when she was checking in for her flight to Hawaii, and after saying her last name, responded with a giggle “Umm, one” when the check-in agent apparently asked how many Grammers were traveling. She emerges as a single mother struggling to deal with the aftermath of an incredibly painful, public divorce. I give her kudos for embracing her new single, independent role on national television. I’m a new fan!


What do you think of Camille? Who is your favorite Housewife?