What’s a girl’s best friend? A diamond? A puppy? Christian Louboutin?


No, my friends, the answer is a classic, useful, stylish clutch bag.

Every well-heeled fashion plate will tell you the importance of high heels, the perfectly fitting LBD, a luxurious trench coat and other Tim Gunn-approved items. But something that no closet should be without is the perfect carry-all for a night on the town. Hobo bags are trendy, smart, structured brief bags are professional musts, a sturdy shoulder bag for traveling are high on the list of bags a woman should own. But let’s not forget the littlest one of them all: a snazzy, sexy clutch.


The right clutch can transform your outfit from B-list to Ba-na-nas. That being said, the improperly attired bag can totally drag down your entire look. You don’t want to bother with anything too small- sure, our phones are getting smarter, but that means they tend to take up a bit more bulk in your purse real estate than years past. And we all admit we wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without our trusty iPhone. You should be able to fit: your phone, keys (you can take them off the key ring, that’s not cheating), lip-gloss, debit/credit card, powder, ID and Band-Aids if you’re wearing heels for more than an hour. Anything that can’t fit those items are too small to matter- don’t even bother with them, unless you’re planning on using a clutch for a cocktail party in your own home. Some ladies like to take a teeny tiny weeny purse out to hold just their ID and a few dollar bills and make your guy carry all your heavy things- that’s just a bit dramatic and damsel-worthy, in my opinion. You want to be armed with everything at all times, and not rely on your escort’s suit pocket to freshen up your make-up or call a taxi.


Not convinced? Here is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, with the perfect Jimmy Choo glittery clutch. Perfection? I think so.

I also love clutches that have unique ways of holding them- be it a wristlet, a delicate chain, or even a loop to put your hand through. Some come with light-up mirrors on the inside flap-great for re-applying lip-gloss or finding your way through a dark ladies’ room.


Here are some of my favorite lust-worthy clutches. You can get them for a steal, or splurge on a brand name.

I recommend picking one up in basic black in a matte, classic fabric- like this Lauren Merkin.

You also definitely need something with a bit of sparkle- again, black is a good option, but don’t shy away from silver or gold. A warning about sparkles: you want soft, smooth sparkles that you can run your arm across without catching any threads, not the hard crystal rhinestones that will snag on your nylons, your dress and your fingers. Those also tend to be looser and fall out more easily.


If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add some color to your palm? Something vibrant-sparkles or no-will add a pop of color to your sophisticated black ensemble. Clutches can be an economic way to easily add some variety to your outfits- the different clutch can take an entire outfit in another direction. You can coordinate with your shoes, earrings or accent pieces. Why not grab a few gorgeous hues?





You can spend mucho dinero on clutches by Christian Louboutin, Judith Lieber, Gucci or other luxury brands- but there are equally beautiful options at the department store or vintage shops. I love one-of-a-kind bags that no one else has.

One of my favorite bag brands is Be&D. I have a handbag and this sexy blue snakeskin clutch- it’s a bit on the small side, but believe it or not,  the iPhone fits!

What are some of your favorite clutches?



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