For those you who haven’t discovered the wonder that is the HBO masterpiece Game of Thrones, you have been seriously missing out. I devoured all of the hefty books in record time, and the first season of the hit show delivers gorgeous, spectacular, sweeping entertainment of epic proportions. The intrigue, incest, violence, war, deception are all wonderful- but the stunning landscapes and even more beautiful costumes breathe real life into the plethora of beloved book characters.

If I went into detail about how much I love all the characters and every weaving thought-out and shocking plot line in the books and how miraculously they are brought to the small screen by some of the best-looking actors I’ve ever seen on television, I would never be able to stop typing. Just do yourself a favor and watch the 10 episodes of Season 1 on HBO. But I’ll give you a glimpse into the dramatic world of Westeros’ costumes, featuring some of the beautiful ladies of Game of Thrones (who actually have the most interesting character developments) and their gorgeous old world styles.

My all time favorite character of the series is Daenerys Targaryan. I really can’t go into detail about how wonderful she is, but Emilia Clarke is just brilliant and stunningly beautiful as she moves the story forward. To meet her husband, the foreboding Khal Drogo, for the first time, Daenerys is draped in a gorgeously gauzy lilac sheath with brooch details at the shoulders.

Her doe-eyed, mystical look just captures every essence of her character perfectly. Later in the season, we see her in the leather costume of her new Dothraki tribe, and the crimp in her hair and the hardened look in her eye shows her character development as much as her new confident Khaleesi attitude. I won’t include a photo from the final scene of the season, as it’s a major spoiler and a moment that everyone deserves to experience in all its magical splendor.




Catelyn Stark is a beacon of strength and courage for her family. She does not have an easy life. But her beautiful red hair and stoic nature gives her a regal, respectable air. She needs furs, velvets and resplendent silks to keep her warm on her journey from Winterfell. Michelle Fairley carries off every struggle with an enviable fortitude, and her wardrobe needs to be as formidable and hearty as she is. She’s definitely a woman you want on your side in a tavern battle of wits!





Another wonderful character is Cersei Lanniser. Her entirely despicable moments are pulled off with great beauty, and her attitude is one of the most affecting aspects of the show. Lena Headey’s gorgeously queenly face will stick in your mind as you read through the entire series about Cersei’s exploits, and her blonde hair becomes a minor character unto itself.

For her iconic “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die” line, she is standing by a beautiful fountain in a palace courtyard, and looks every inch the glorious ruler in her peach gown with flowing sleeves. Cersei’s wardrobe is just as important as the inflection of her speech- sometimes you can tell what she’s thinking, but behind that sweet, feminine color rests the heart of a lion.



Are you intrigued yet? Every fan of fashion- or even just a fan of beautiful women and hot (seriously HOT) guys- should tune in to Game of Thrones. Season Two returns April 1, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m pretty excited!


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