Moving to South Carolina- where it was 77 degrees on SuperBowl Sunday, something I’m used to enjoying during the snowy wintery mix of the Northeast- has afforded me a whole new level of wardrobe challenges. Dressing for summer weather but still looking professional and not on my way to the beach is something that requires a bit of adaptation.

Of course, being half of a married duo now (I’m slowly leaving “bride” mode- I feel like Monica from Friends “I’ll never be a bride again. Now I’m just someone’s wife!”), I need to start thinking about appropriate guy’s fashion as well as my own. Even though my husband wears his Naval Officer uniform 5 days a week, on the weekends, and rare evenings out, he is also working on finding his new fashion groove here in the South.

One of our favorite brands to help keep us cool but not too casual in this new climate has been Tommy Bahama. Not only does the store smell amazing, but the easy, flowy, deliciously soft fabrics are perfect for this 70 degree situation. The label has been most obviously associated with Hawaiian shirts for a laid-back lifestyle of golfing, lunching and boating. But lately, they have become so much more than that. Sure, they sell bikinis and shirts for the beach, but they can also take you away from the poolside and into the boardroom. Their delectable linen shirts, khaki pants and adorable dresses have become the perfect resource to help this Northern couple transition into dressing for the balmier weather during winter.

These are some of my perfect looks for when you want a relaxing fit but still look presentable during the day.

Their “corktree vest” adds just a pop of sophistication to your work-day or off-day outfit, without adding extra bulk.

Their “safari dress” is great for a day at the office when you want to stay cool during the high noon rush out for lunch.

For the men, these “Linen for The Day” pants come flip-flop optional, and while you might not be able to wear these for an executive meeting with your boss, they will keep you looking pulled together while running errands on the weekend without fighting heat exhaustion.

This “TB Advised” tee-shirt is one of my hubby’s faves. It’s great for a day out in the bright sunshine and lets your skin breathe all day long. Plus, it is incredibly soft.

If the Tommy Bahama lifestyle appeals to you, why not fill your home with vibes of relaxation and comfort? We love their pineapple theme (which is a huge motif in South Carolina, fittingly) and enjoy their juice glasses, candle holders, wall décor and other home adorable adornments. You can even purchase their amazing signature scents to fill your home with island happiness all day long.

What do you think of Tommy Bahama?

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