We all know how much I love a good Red Carpet, and the show from the 84th Annual Academy Awards did not disappoint. Actually, I was quite disappointed with the way E! fell apart after the Ryan Seacrest/ Dictator incident…aren’t they supposed to be professionals?

Anyway, the fashion was amazing! I have to admit I did not see The Artist, and I was pretty steamed at the Ryan Gosling/Drive and Leonardo DiCaprio snubs (and that doofus mocking Angelina Jolie!!!WTF) but I was thrilled for Meryl Streep! All hail the queen of Hollywood.

A few dramatic styles graced the red carpet (Capelets! Natural hair! That leg slit pose! Oh my!) Here are some of my favorites looks of the evening:

“It Girl” Emma Stone drew some criticism for her striking red Giambattista Valli gown with the neck bow- some critics felt it was far too similar to Nicole Kidman’s Balenciaga red bow moment of 2007. But I thought she looked ravishing, and she is sort of becoming a new girl crush of mine. Whenever she hits a fashion high, I do a little gleeful squeal of “Go Team!” for redheads everywhere.
Emma’s The Help co-star was another major contender for Best Dressed of the night. Jessica Chastain has had some questionable fashion moments this awards season, but she achieved absolute perfection in this black and gold McQueen stunner. Not everyone could pull off this detailed embellishment, and I was in love with her hairstyle. My husband voted her “hottest in a few years”- can’t say I can argue with that.


Another stunning nominee (and my hand-down winner for Most Adorable of the Night) is of course Michelle Williams. Her Louis Vuitton, which she claimed was “coral” but actually looked red, hit all the right notes with the peplum trend. Maybe she wasn’t channeling Marilyn with her pixie cut, ruffles and BFF Busy Phillips on her arm, but her girlish charm was at an all-time high. In no time she’ll have her moment on the Oscar winner’s stage.








Perhaps my “guilty pleasure” favorite is none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. Her royal GOOP-ness rocked a white Tom Ford, complete with capelet. Seriously, could anyone else have looked this amazing? I sort of died with fashion joy when I saw her. She is fearless and fierce and knows it.







Another stunning, statuesque blonde enjoyed her moment in the sun. Cameron Diaz takes the title of “most fun presenter” (narrowly edging out Emma Stone and co-presenter/nip slip lady J.Lo) in her dazzling canary Gucci gown. She showed off her fun-loving, fresh hairstyle and giggled adorably all night long.

Another fresh face on the Red Carpet was the gorgeous Rose Byrne. The one-shoulder sparkly Vivienne Westwood looked anything but basic. I’ve loved her since Wicker Park- and admiring her gorgeous look at the Oscars has made me consider bangs. Because obviously, if I cut my bangs, I’ll look just like Rose Byrne, right?


Penelope Cruz is one of the Red Carpet’s biggest fashionistas. Every year, she consistently delivers gorgeous glamour and elegance. This year was no exception: her swept up hair and Armani in a gorgeous forget-me-not hue drew gasps all around.





Rocking the Marchesa trend, Sandra Bullock kepy with her gorgeous-girl-next-door look in a white and black backless stunner. Nothing will tip her gold Marchesa from the year she won, but her fluent Chinese with a lovely German accent earns her the title of “Most Impressive” of the night.

Now for the big winner: Meryl Streep won her THIRD Oscar, picking up her statuette in a glorious gold Lanvin sleeved sheath. Miranda Priestly would be proud. In my opinion, Meryl has deserved another Oscar for a while now and it was nice to see her recognized. All hail, the world’s greatest living actress!

And of course, we have Angelina Jolie. One of the most tweeted about celebs of the evening. Not only was she mocked on stage, but then numerous websites and memes have emerged to chuckle at her pose and bash her for being too thin. I can agree the pose wasn’t the best, but she is Angelina. Freaking. Jolie. We should all worship the ground she walks on and hang on her every word. Agreed? I commend her choice of a black velvet Armani- severe pose and all. She knows how divine she is, and by wearing an understated color and showing up at the last minute, she actually lets other women pretend they share the same Red Carpet.


What do you think? Who was your Best Dressed of the 84th Academy Awards?


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