Skin care is of the utmost importance. Removing makeup each night, although sometimes a dreadfully unpleasant task after a long night when your bed is so-lovingly-close and you have to splash cold water on your face and launch into a full cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing regimen, is one of the best things you can do for your health and appearance. Your hard work and extra moments of forced consciousness will pay off in a beautiful, radiant, glowing, healthy face.


But what about the rest of your body? In all this cleansing craze, have we neglected our neck, hands, elbows and legs, which can also fall prone to skin problems? Dry, irritated skin-especially in the winter months- creeps up all over, not just where your moisturizer hits. To solve this dilemma, one of my favorite brands to turn to is NIVEA.

Their “Prepare to Be Kissed” campaign is all about lip care- and their extensive line is divine, by the way. I have at least 4 tubes of NIVEA currently in use at all times- in my purse, my car, my husband’s car, at my desk, etc.


One of my favorite NIVEA products is their “Smooth Sensation” lotion. It’s practically a staple on my bedside at all times- I use it twice a day and love every minute of it. The silky feeling afterward is like a little spa treatment, sure to keep you calm all day long.


They also have a line of men-friendly (read: smells yummy but not too yummy) products. This is literally one of the only lotions my husband will endure. I think he secretly looks forward to it, like a mini massage. Maybe it’s the masculine packaging. In any case, their post-shave options are simply the best.




If you want to prep for Spring by adding a skin-kissed glow to your look, forego the tanning bad and enjoy NIVEA’s lathering sun products.

Of course, what most women want these days is that fountain of youth. While NIVEA makes no extraordinary claims of being carded while out for your 50th birthday celebration, these creams have been proven to improve skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance. Need more proof? 30-year old Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, with all the beauty resources of the globe available to her, stocks up on pots of NIVEA cream that cost a whopping 5 euros! Read the full story here:


What do you think of NIVEA? What is your favorite skin care product?


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