Ok, so my Kate Middleton obsession/girl crush has been well established. And as much as I’d love to emulate her style every day, her McQueen gowns, Jimmy Choo pumps and Pucci blazers (how adorable did she look playing hockey today, by the way?) are a bit out of my reach. But what makes Kate so likeable and appealing to the entire world is her ability to pair top-end designers fit for royalty alongside attainable brands like Zara, J.Brand, and one of her trademarks- LK Bennett.

The Duchess of Cambridge has favored LK Bennett for years, and turned to her signature style for several recent engagements alongside the Queen. She kicked off the Jubilee Tour in a gorgeous “teal” LK Bennett dress and jacket.

Kate usually turns to LK Bennett for footwear, as well.

She famously stepped out in the patent black “Maddox” wedges on the day after her wedding to stroll the Palace yard with new hubby Prince William. I was so enamored with this look that when I saw a similar pair (not LK, sadly) on sale at Dillards, I just had scoop to them up ASAP. I’ve worn them twice so far and try to do so in my best classy Kate “strut and wave.”

Today, for a surprise engagement with Great Britain’s Women’s Hockey team to celebrate the upcoming Olympics, Kate wore red twill J.Brand skinny jeans, an Emilio Pucci blazer, the official GB Paralympic scarf (you can copy this, it’s only 10 euros) and of course, her trusty LK Bennett “Art” heels. She has worn these shoes on previous occasions as well.

Good news for us here in the States- Nordstrom has started carrying LK Bennett! Her “Maddox” wedges are available for $285, and the black “Sledge” pumps she wears so religiously are available for $325.00. http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/l-k-bennett I may just have to scoop up a pair of these as well.

Check out the Europe LK Bennett site: http://www.lkbennett.com/

Much thanks to www.whatkatewore.com and www.hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com for keeping me always up-to-date on what my favorite fashion icon is wearing. Love both these sites so much!

What has been your favorite Kate shoe moment?

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hockey photo courtesy of hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com

Jubilee Tour photo courtesy of whatkatewore.com

Palace photo courtesy of shoewawa.com

Olympic engagement photo courtesy of hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com

Sledge pump courtesy of polyvore.com