Holy summer weather, Batman! A solid 80 degree day every day this week is making me anxious to hit the gym ASAP so I can feel better in my shorts and tank tops and of course, the dreaded bikini since summer has arrived in Charleston!

I love a good ab workout. I love that sore feeling that somehow makes the thought of food unbearable. Teaching Pilates, where 90% of the hour-long class was primarily abs, I always tried to work in some oblique work in there to get that hard-to-achieve toned look. My go-to move has been the side plank. I tend to lower down onto my elbow for a few, then push up onto my head then go back down to finish the set once my wrist starts to tremble.

My favorite part is adding the twist move: reaching my arm up to the sky, then tucking and twisting under my body as far under and around as possible just makes me feel great. I love this so much that I add it in even when I’m not doing Pilates and work it into my strength training- standing with one leg straight and one knee bent onto the weight bench, I lean forward, hold a small weight in my hand and twist under as much I can. LOVE!


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