Springtime, and the living’s easy.


When searching for the perfect, light, healthy and above all easy Springtime recipe, look no further than a nice quiche. Delicate, tasty, yet still packed with nutrients, this dish has always been one of my favorites. My mom has been making Julia Child’s Quiche Au Fromage since I can remember- yes, I was that 6-year-old bringing a piece of chilled quiche for lunch in first grade.

I like to throw two quiches in the oven at once- it’s just as easy to make two, and the Pillsbury pie crusts come in a package of two. Eat one with a side salad for dinner, serve with fruit for a nice lunch, and put the other in the freezer or fridge to have on hand when company unexpectedly stops in. Wouldn’t you like a nice, chic dish to serve at the drop of a hat? It’s also convenient to bring to luncheons or pot-luck events, day or night, no matter the season. C’est parfait!

Here is the Julia Child recipe I’ve been using for Quiche Au Fromage. The other day, I added spinach. I’ve recently become obsessed with spinach and thought adding it to my quiche would add some antioxidants, protein and other super-food stuff.


1 cup grated Swiss cheese

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese

1 cup chopped ham

1 chopped shallot

2-3 tablespoons butter

3-5 eggs ( I always use 5)

1 ½ cups half and half (I use the low-fat, it tastes fine)

pinch pepper

½ teaspoon salt

one uncooked pie pastry (Pillsbury)


What is your favorite easy Springtime recipe?


Media Credits:

first photo courtesy of proteinpower.com

second photo courtesy of my iPhone (this was the quiche I made)

third photo courtesy of thedailygreen.com