Remember that incredible shot from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle with Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore, two of Hollywood’s hottest bodies, squaring off in their respective white and black bikinis? Yeah, the girl works out.

Hollywood has admired Cameron’s smokin’ bod for years. As I search for bikini workout inspiration, any image of Cameron has me doing squats and lunges right in my living room. 


Here are some of her go-to workouts:


Staying Active

Cameron has always loved to surf, run or take part in any outdoor activity that keeps her body in perfect shape. Here she is paddle boarding.




Getting’ Leggy With it

Cam loves to show off her stems, and if mine started at my neck and went on for days, I’d love to too. While Cameron and her trainer both maintain that she is committed to a regimen of healthy eating, and that she doesn’t live in the gym, they both admit that she works hard for her body.

Cameron credits Pilates (mat and Reformer), reverse lunges, curtsy squats (I worship these, in a love/hate sort of way) as well as plenty of cardio and using free weights.

She also swears by the squeezable ball-and it’s actually pretty easy to incorporate that into your Pilates routine once a week.

The Couple That Sweats Together

Cameron has also always shown an affinity for working out with the man in her life. Whether it’s that famous photo of her and JT smooching on surf boards, or if she’s hitting the gym with A-Rod, it’s no surprise that Cameron incorporates fitness into her daily life, and it’s only natural that her (equally gorgeous) mate would accompany her for a good workout. 



What’s your favorite workout to try and look more like Cameron?

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