Warmer weather and the summer fashion season bring many changes to our lives. We change out our jeans for mini skirts, our high heels for flip flops, and our leather jackets for bikinis. Why should we not also change what we carry around every day?

I happen to love (with a capital “L”) my new Michael Kors “Hamilton Large Tote” that my generous husband gave me this past Christmas. The structured, neutral look is perfect for interviews and to give off a professional, polished vibe. I love how I can fit everything in it- my iPad, sunglass case, an extra water bottle, winter gloves, and all my daily necessities.


Women have been known to schlep too much stuff with them everywhere. But what if I need my Tylenol? Or my nail file? Or hand sanitizer? Or an empty travel mug? It’s true, we do need lots of things at our disposal, but we do tend to carry way too much extracurricular weight around on our shoulders and forearms.


That’s why, for summer, I like to switch it up to a nice light, seasonal bag that I can throw around at the beach, at the pool, and in the sweltering car. In the summer, we do need to carry more stuff sometimes, but we don’t want to be bogged down with any more than we need to be. I love straw, canvas and other light materials for summer.


Of course I love Michael Kors, so why not stay true to what you love? His Gia E/W Tote, shown here in “Kiwi” is the perfect size for stowing an extra headscarf to protect your hairdo when driving with the top down.

Doesn’t this Marc Jacobs bag just look like it belongs on the beach?

The Rachel Zoe “Kate” tote is soft and light, but still gives off a “pulled together” vibe that you can bring to work in the summer months.



This year, I’m favoring my new Elliot Lucca purse- the white and gold tones still go with everything and looks professional enough to bring to work, but it’s casual and lightweight. Throw in your sunscreen, an extra pair of sunnies, a hairbrush, a beach read and of course some water to stay hydrated in the higher temps!

What are your favorite summer bags? What is your must-have summer item your purse?


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