OK, so it seems like wedding season is officially over, at least for me. April 8 marks my six-month wedding anniversary.

And I’ll never be a bride again. Now I’m just someone’s wife. (Monica from Friends, DUH!)


Anyway, for the very last of my “wedding” related posts, I’d like to link to my reviews of my vendors. I had some absolutely fabulous experiences with some incredibly talented people, and unfortunately some experiences that weren’t as extraordinary. But I feel like I learned a GREAT deal about negotiations, business deals, contracts, and dealing with vendors in general. In addition to getting married and taking that huge step into the real world, wedding planning offers us a glimpse into the “cash is king” philosophy and sometimes cold, cold world of business.

If you’re getting married in the Boston area or know someone who is, or if you’d just like to read about my wedding vendor experiences, have fun reading! I used Megan Gilner of The Brocade Blackbird for my AMAZING invitations and all of my stationary needs. She is not on weddingwire.com or weddinghchannel.com but she is superb! I even used her for our adorable Change of Address announcements, and will continue to use her for any stationary I may need in the future. Highly recommend! Check out her website here.


FYI: My venue was at my parents’ home in Norfolk, Massachusetts. I had an outdoor ceremony by their lake and a tented reception on their tennis court. I tried to be as specific as possible in each of my reviews, but if you should have any questions I would be happy to answer them for you.

So long, bridal time! I’ll be back, as a Matron of Honor when my little sis gets married one day. I’m like the Kate to her Pippa…right??

Read my reviews of all of my wedding vendors on weddingwire.com here,  Any trouble finding my page, I am “parisbride.”

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both of these photos from my wedding were taken by my fabulous photographer Heather Crofts