The damn-catchy “Somebody That I Used To Know” is brought to new levels of brilliance tonight on Glee. I’ve watched this video probably 23 times. I also bought their version of the song on iTunes. No judgment, please.

Something tells me that Blaine Anderson was the actual trend-setter for Spring fashion, and had indeed been sporting that colored denim all winter. Impervious to fashion trends as he might be (complete with that top polo button that makes me want to be more violent to a button than ever before) Darren Criss has one of my favorite voices of like ever. His devastating rendition of “Somewhere Only we Know” is on my Top 10 list.

He executes the angst and repressed sibling rivalry-hopefully stemming from something a bit more substantial than a flashbacked big brother (looking creepily like Blaine’s main squeeze Kurt Hummel) holding a weird action figure just out of his reach.

He dramatically removes his cross-body bag at the precise moment to maximize the expression of his teen anger, and his poor biceps struggle to remain contained in that too-tight polo. Again, resist the urge to reach into your computer screen and remove his top polo button. You. Can. Do It.

Matt Bomer, another perfect creation of yumminess, then joins him on stage and assumes the perfect Les Mis-esque stance.

The two shoot dagger stares and scream at each other for the next eighty seconds, with enough smoldering drama and pain to satisfy viewers for the next two seasons. The clincher for me is Matt’s last shoulder shrug at the end of the number. Perfection.

His voice is pretty amazing, as well, which brings me to one of the most major questions of the day: why doesn’t Neil sing on White Collar? Are you listening, USA?

OMG, and Blaine’s brother’s name is Cooper Anderson. Trifecta of glory achieved, Glee! THIS is why I watch!

Will you be watching the new Glee episode “Big Brother” Tonight on FOX?

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