Those of you familiar with my Game of Thrones affinity (preceded of course, by my Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire obsession- get the difference? So glad.) will understand my skepticism, hesitance, and total on-the-fence attitude about the 2nd season of the HBO hit. They’re adding gratuitous, visually unappealing extras NOT in the book that add nothing to the character development or the remarkable brilliance of the show.


I won’t go into all the details (I hate you, Ros) but let’s focus on the newest face of the third episode: the lovely sort of black widow, Margaery Tyrell, played by Natalie Dormer.


Oh, Natalie Dormer, you clever girl, you certainly have made a cozy little niche for yourself, haven’t you? Landing the role of the brat in Casanova to Anne Boleyn to Margaery Tyrell. Then playing them with the exact same breathy tone of voice, exact same open-mouthed, wide-eyed fake innocence and the exact same spoiled smugness? I tolerated you as the doomed Anne, because you were fresh, and exciting and our peaches-and-cream complexion brought everything that The Tudors needed. Horrid acting aside.


She even brings with her some Tudors-esque boy-on-boy action (another gratuitous addition:the Loras/ Renly love story was of course alluded to in the novels, but we never saw a love scene. We already saw one in the first season, and we’ve already heard that Loras sneaks into Renly’s tent from the trailer.

Renly’s homosexuality was really only addressed in the book for a reason to explain why Margaery would still be a suitable wife for Joffrey.) If the third episode features more than a few glimpses of Loras and an overly-ambitious Margaery instead of focusing on Catelyn Stark’s interaction with Renly (sort of very important in the book!) I’ll be quite upset.


Natalie is certainly lovely looking, in an overly satisfied pug sort of way.

I think she is much more suited to the Margaery Tyrell role than she was for Anne Boleyn- a creature who should have been mysterious, captivating and utterly voluptuous but was doomed to an overly sexed teenager sort of portrayal. Margaery doesn’t need to do much except look pretty and rich- the costume department can help Natalie with half of that. She certainly isn’t bad-looking, only I wish she wouldn’t speak so much.

My biggest fault with this casting choice is perhaps the plethora of choices out there- the Thrones producers and casting agents couldn’t find anyone else who was willing to hang out in period costume for a few weeks? That’s all the Margaery role really calls for- sit next to King Renly, wear a crown, look shocked when he dies, sit next to King Joffrey, wear a different crown, look shocked when he dies. Did we really need to scrape up a Tudors sloppy second, and then allow her play the exact same character over again, bringing her overly breathy voice whispering in her kingly husband’s ear that she’ll give him a son?

It’s like Joffrey agreeing to marry Renly’s young widow as long just because she’s rich and beautiful….hmmm….


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