A wonderful blogger friend, Christa of www.freshqueezedfashion.com recently introduced me to the newest App to hit iPhone’s catwalk! “Pose” is a fabulous fashion-forward photo sharing App, where celebrities like Rachel Zoe and Catt Sadler post photos of their OOTD. Oh, and us mere mortals can also share our daily fashion statements too!

I love the “tagging”- you can tell everyone what brands you’re wearing. A little bit Instagram, a little bit Polyvore, and very Red Carpet.

My biggest problem with their “tagging” feature is that not all brands are represented. Of course it would be impossible to include everything, and they do let you type in your own “tag” if you’re wearing a brand they haven’t already prompted. Pose seems to favor big-name brands like Michael Kors, Chanel and other high-shelf labels, which is quite fun to look through.

But the thing is, some items- especially my jewelry- are not a “brand.” They’re from a fabulous little boutique underneath the Louvre in Paris, or they were a gift from a wonderful local jewelry shop. But how do I “tag” those? That’s where I fill in the description underneath each photo.

Are you Pose-ing? What do you think? Follow my poses! I’m jmmccormick.







Media Credits:

first photo courtesy of luckymag.com

second photo courtesy of overlapps.com

third photo courtesy of crunchbase.com