Every magazine and relationship expert will tell you how important “date night” is to a lasting marriage. Getting busy and bogged down with work, kids and other obligations can let romance fall by the wayside, and imposing a “date night” strategy will help keep your connection to each other alive.

One major problem I have with this is the incredible discrepancy between this “date night” philosophy, which is all about closeness and intimacy, and the comfortable options available to today’s couples. Let’s face it: a number of options are not quite “cuddle”-friendly.

Old movies like Grease embody the adorable drive-in date nights of decades past. But today, the dependable “dinner-and-a-movie” evening plays out in a series of uncomfortable seats. Most movie theaters today have horrible seating, with-get this- armrests that do not lift. How does that mitigate cuddling for couples, or even the ever-popular stretch-then-arm-around-the-shoulder? Come on, even airplanes, in all their infamous glory, let you lift your armrest!

Sure, some novel theaters (like the 21+ Luxe Level at the Patriot Place Cinema at my home theater in Foxboro, MA) do feature a plusher movie-watching environment, complete with first-class cushiony seats and a selection of beer, wine and snacks. But unless you want to fork over serious cash (for a new release, you could pay upwards of $25 per adult evening ticket) you’re stuck in the too-tight, too-cramped stadium seats that force you to stand up any time someone in your row wants more popcorn, sticky armrests locked in place.

Sure, some theaters do feature the fancier seats that allow the armrest to lift between seats, but not nearly enough. We all know how important cuddling is!

With all the FABULOUS new movies coming out this summer, why not bring back the Drive-In? You can cuddle up in your trusty old car, where you spend most of your commute anyway, put your feet up on your own dashboard, and sprawl out as you please. I would much rather go see The Dark Knight Rises in my hubby’s comfy Volkswagen Eos than be stuck in a dark room of strangers squished together, subjected to those annoying beams of light from not-so-subtle iPhone glances all evening long.

Drive-ins have proven to be a more enjoyable, intimate date experience- just look at all the happy couples who got to enjoy them back in the day. Younger couples today face more stresses, demands, less free time and of course, the ever-looming and rising statistic of divorce. Why not re-charge our date night attitude and invest in a future of happy date nights for years to come?

Bring back the cuddling in date nights! Who’s with me? Would you prefer the drive-in or comfier movie theater seats?

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