She’s not only the snarky, refreshing newcomer on the most recent season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or the famously-spurned ex-wife of dog Eddie Cibrian. She’s also a mother of two boys with an incredible body. And for the record, how much does that suck that whenever someone (for the most part) writes about her or thinks about her, the Eddie Cibrian/Leann Rimes stuff comes up? That must be hard for her.

Anyway, I really enjoyed her on RHOBH, and thought she was hilariously honest, funny and likeable. Just the breath of fresh air that the glitzy zip code needed.  So I’ll stop talking about her dramatic divorce now, and move on to gushing about her gorgeous body.


At 5’9, Brandi was obviously a former model- not surprising anyone, right? She’s another hard-working celebrity mom who credits her body to the leaning, lengthening Pilates, starting during her first pregnancy nine years ago. She says she now hits the Pilates studio three times a week, after dropping her boys off at school.

She’s also a fan of the outdoors, staying active with hiking, biking and walking her dogs. Of course she doesn’t eat like a glutton either, focusing on a healthy diet, complete with perfect portion control. She sounds so normal about her exercise regimen, making it sounds attainable and a normal, healthy part of her life. She obviously values her appearance but isn’t obsessed with herself, and that in itself is something else to emulate.

She may be trying that whole “normal Hollywood mom” thing, but her body is anything but ordinary.


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