Trendy. Edgy. Bold. Fashionable. Exotic. Spectacular.


All words that have bandied about in my brain to describe the “dark” world of nail lacquer and the hands lucky enough to wear such colors.


Even during my acrylic nail days, I was always just a bit secretly envious of ladies who could pull off bold, dark nail polish hues. My sister, who has very similar coloring to mine, has long been a fan of OPI’s famous “Lincoln Park After Dark” and has been a friend of the darker manicures. I always covered away from anything beyong white French tips for years, and during my natural nail journey, this is by far the darkest I’ve ever gone.


Essie “Big Spender” has warmed my heart and welcomed me into the magical world of darker nail colors. The perfect purple undertones and clean lines (ahh, I admit, the application was a bit trickier than with “Mademoiselle” or another pale hue) have been a beacon of hope for my future in the world of darker manicures. Such a brave new world!


What’s your favorite dark nail polish color?





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