As part of my get-ready-for-Beach fitness plan, I have kicked my Pilates workouts into high gear.

Whether you prefer a mat workout or to sweat and stretch on the Reformer or other machines, you need to surround yourself with quality equipment. An essential part of any Pilates or Yoga workout is a great mat. I have tried my fair share of yoga mat variety over the years, and a clear winner has emerged.


I am partial to the “The Mat” by lululemon. I have a bright pink version and LOVE it. I pretty much worship everything by lululemon, but this mat is actually made of superior materials that prevent slipping and scrunching throughout the workout. The rubber and cushioning are all perfect for any pose you can imagine. I also indulged in the “strap mat” which makes trekking to and from the gym (and keeping my mat perfectly rolled up during storage) a cinch.





There are certainly other viable options for quality yoga and Pilates gear. I’ve tried almost every material, color and size of mat. Everyone will find their own preference through their own journey, and my favorite is my wonderful pink lululemon friend.


What is your favorite yoga mat?


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