Style Spotlight: Mariska Hargitay Thursday, May 24 2012 

I’ve been a huge fan of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit from the beginning, almost solely because of the chemistry between Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson and Chris Meloni’s Elliot Stabler. But, of course, the TV gods can be cruel, and Elliott just disappeared after 12 years together. No goodbye, no dramatic shoot-out, no set up for an incredibly emotional and powerful climax they’ve been building up to for 12 years. He was not written out of the show at all. Yes, I’m still bitter about it.

Anyway, I still watch SVU (sporadically) now for the sole reason of my Mariska girl crush. She is so stunningly gorgeous, but still approachable and relatable. Perhaps it’s because we’ve seen her blossom and evolve from young TV ingénue to a bona fide series powerhouse and Emmy-winning star. Who else can carry a show so dark, gritty and downright disturbing as SVU and make it one of the most successful prime time dramas around? Oh, right, Chris Meloni. But everyone knows Mariska is- and always has been- the real heart of the show. You can’t help but adore her.

As the daughter of the late beauty Jayne Mansfield and actor Mickey Hargitay, Mariska had bombshell looks and award-winning acting in her genes. She was also a former Miss Beverly Hills USA.

She picked up an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama in August of 2006. She had just given birth to adorable son August two months earlier. I loved her Emmy-winning fashion look of dramatic bangs, long hair and a glamourous black gown. Very un-Olivia. Elegant, understated and just perfect.

As much as I loved her look that big night, I was even more impressed by the bright yellow one-shoulder Carolina Herrara gown she wore two years later at the 60th Annual Emmy Awards. Another departure from Olivia’s tough, leather jacket look, she exuded happiness and sunshine all night long.

Another gorgeous Red Carpet moment in classic black: the 2010 Oscars. Mariska wore a black Vera Wang gown with amazing jewels.

At the 2011 SAG Awards, Mariska rocked the Red Carpet in a bold indigo Isaac Mizrahi gown, complemented with stunning turquoise accessories.

If you still weren’t convinced of her overall loveliness, look no further than her Joyful Heart Foundation.Mariska took her Olivia Benson role one step further, and started this amazing foundation to help real-life victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and abuse. It seems that wherever she goes, she brings peace, warmth and joy.

It seemed odd to me, after watching season after season, that Mariska wore the exact same two short gold charm necklaces on the show every single episode. Upon research, I discovered that they are to gain awareness for the Joyful Heart Foundation. It wasn’t that Olivia has no sense of style and relies on the same accessories for years; the jewelry line “Me&Ro”benefits the Foundation. Olivia sports the “Fearlessness” pendant and “Lotus Mandela Amulet” for a great cause. Learn more about the necklaces here.

Mariska has proven herself to be a truly admirable woman of integrity, grace and style. Rocking a powerhouse TV role, starting a foundation to help others, and being a doting wife to hubby Peter Hermann (he plays a laywer on SVU a lot) and loving mom to 3 children-2 adopted- and looking fabulous while doing it all.  I just adore her!




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Style Spotlight: Jennifer Garner Thursday, May 10 2012 

New mom of three Jennifer Garner stepped out in public in Las Vegas on April 25th for the first time since giving birth to son Samuel Garner Affleck on February 27th. She looks absolutely amazing, and prompted me to delve into some of Jen’s most memorable-and adorable-style moments.


Jen first caught our eye as the awesome, ass-kicking Sydney on Alias. With her insanely creative disguises, wigs, leather ensembles, sexy lingerie- not to mention her incredibly chiseled physique- she soon emerged as a starlet to watch!

At the Met’s Costume Gala in 2007, Jennifer drew rave reviews for her bold red Valentino.

One of my favorite Jennifer Garner fashion stunners is the drop-dead gorgeous black Oscar de la Renta at the 68th Oscars in 2008. Her beautiful face is made all the more spectacular by the exquisite Van Cleef and Aprels diamond choker necklace. Pure Hollywood royalty!

Jennifer has exuded glamour on the Red Carpet, both solo and accompanied by her husband Ben Affleck. They co-starred in Daredevil and also in Pearl Harbor. They made absolutely one of the top three cutest couples in Hollywood. Cute enough, in fact, to hep us forget that Ben was once part of another-far less cute and admirable- Bennifer, and that Jen was once married to Scott Foley for a short time. These two look they they belong together, and have certainly embraced the happy domestic life.


With all her A-list star power, and dazzling Red Carpet moments, Jennifer shines most in her role as “mommy” to Violet, Seraphina and now baby Samuel.


Seriously, the kids are freakishly cute. And I hate kids. Upon announcement of their latest addition, Victor Garber (yup, her Alias co-star) said that Jennifer has never been more beautiful. She always looks happy, and fresh-faced even in casual clothes running errands with her children.

Congratulations, Jennifer Garner on the birth of another adorable (we’re sure!) child, on your recent 40th birthday on April 17, and on being one of the most beautiful wives and mothers in Hollywood! We continue to look to Jen and Ben as an enduring example of love and commitment in the crazy Hollywood chaos.







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Style Spotlight: Emily Blunt Tuesday, May 1 2012 

The sassy starlet first caught our hearts-and had us quoting “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight”- as Emily from The Devil Wears Prada.


But the once put-upon, snarky fashion assistant to Ms. Streep has genuinely arrived in Hollywood and is now a star in her own right. She got her starring turn as another famous Brit- playing the title role in 2009’s The Young Victoria. With her European charm, unabashed excitement and girl-next-door beauty, Emily has taken both sides of the pond by storm.


Next up was an obvious Matt Damon screen teaming. (Side note: I mean, who gets ahead in Hollywood without at one point working with Matt Damon?) Anyway, Emily turned heads as the adorably doomed girlfriend that Matt is determined-if not destined- to meet.

She even had a starring turn in real life in a role most girls dream about- Michael Buble’s girlfriend. The two were a sickenly sweet example of young love for three years, but like most of Buble’s songs, it was too good to last.


Of course Emily picked up her fashionable self and moved on to another equally yummy star, the much sought-after John Krasinski. Last July, they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. The couple regularly sizzles on Red Carpets.

The 2010 Golden Globes showed off Emily’s philanthropic side, too. She auctioned off her amazing blush Dolce & Gabbana gown to raise money for Haiti relief.





At the 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards, Emily caught fashion attention for her sparkly silver Pamela Roland. She’s certainly comfortable wearing haute couture and showing some skin. I loved how she went minimal with her accessories.



Of course, my favorite Emily Blunt fashion style might be her stunning emerald moment at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards. She drew inspiration right from the runway, and just screamed “elegance” in this Oscar de la Renta. Who doesn’t love a bold green?

On and off the Red Carpet, Emily has been pretty loyal in emulating the role that made her famous, and stuck to high-end couture designers for her fashion moments. After all, once you wear Chanel boots on a set for a long period of time, I can’t imagine it’s easy to let all that glamour go.

Next up: she will star alongside Jason Segal in the much anticipated The Five Year Engagement. Not only do the ads for this film look hilarious and adorable, but Emily certainly garnered some interest when she showed up at the film’s New York City premiere at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in a spectacular Jason Wu. Is it just me, or does it look better on Emily than on the model?


Pair that fashion sense with Emily’s super-sophisticated accent and Grade A man candy, and you have one of best British imports since tea and crumpets.


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I’m Posing Wednesday, Apr 18 2012 

A wonderful blogger friend, Christa of recently introduced me to the newest App to hit iPhone’s catwalk! “Pose” is a fabulous fashion-forward photo sharing App, where celebrities like Rachel Zoe and Catt Sadler post photos of their OOTD. Oh, and us mere mortals can also share our daily fashion statements too!

I love the “tagging”- you can tell everyone what brands you’re wearing. A little bit Instagram, a little bit Polyvore, and very Red Carpet.

My biggest problem with their “tagging” feature is that not all brands are represented. Of course it would be impossible to include everything, and they do let you type in your own “tag” if you’re wearing a brand they haven’t already prompted. Pose seems to favor big-name brands like Michael Kors, Chanel and other high-shelf labels, which is quite fun to look through.

But the thing is, some items- especially my jewelry- are not a “brand.” They’re from a fabulous little boutique underneath the Louvre in Paris, or they were a gift from a wonderful local jewelry shop. But how do I “tag” those? That’s where I fill in the description underneath each photo.

Are you Pose-ing? What do you think? Follow my poses! I’m jmmccormick.







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Springtime Shoe Thursday, Apr 12 2012 

Who doesn’t love adding a pop of color to their wardrobe?

With bright colors trending nationwide for the Spring, bold hues are everywhere. Even Kate Middleton was rocking some fabulous coral jeans!


While I don’t quite feel thin enough to wear such a statement color denim, I am all for bringing the brights! So I turned to one of the Duchess’ favorite shops, Zara, to bring some much-needed turquoise to my shoe collection.




These deliciously soft suede pumps are just what I need to add some excitement to my work outfit. I also happen to love the price and free shipping from the UK store! Highly recommend!

What’s your favorite way to add bright colors to your spring wardrobe?

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Ski Style Tuesday, Apr 10 2012 

By now, the entire world knows that Prince William whisked his wife off for a ski break to celebrate their reunion. There was some original speculation on exactly where the Duchess was being whisked off to, but now that some photos have surfaced, it’s clear that the Royal Couple is enjoying some time on the slopes in Meribel at Three Valleys Resort with the Middleton clan. (much thanks to for keeping me informed about the royals on holiday-I visit your blog every day!)

As if we didn’t already know that Kate looked gorgeous without make-up, there are some gorgeous photos of her, with a natural, sun-kissed glow from a day in the snow. Will and Kate looked like they’re having a blast with Pippa and her beau as well as Kate’s parents.

I happen to love Kate’s ski style. How does she still look so trim in the famously unflattering puffy skiwear? Maybe that’s her secret to being so perfectly skinny and toned? What brands is she wearing? Something tells me it’s not North Face. This makes me want to run out and grab a pair of pink ski pants, just for fun.

I have a feeling I’d still look like a marshmellow wearing a white puffy jacket with pink pants, but it’s fun to emulate Kate anyway, right? If Kate ever releases the name of the luxury ski clothing brand she favors, I’m sure their sales will skyrocket.

Still no word on who was baby-sitting Lupo while Will and Kate were away with her family. Perhaps Harry?

What are some of your favorite brands to wear on the slopes?

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Style Spotlight: Julianna Marguiles Thursday, Apr 5 2012 

I have LOVED( yes, with a capital “L”) Julianna Marguiles since her Carol Hathaway days.


I was one of those people squealing with delight when she took home the Best Actress Golden Globe trophy at the 2010 show, and on her way up to the podium, squeezed George Clooney. No, not because it was George Clooney, but because it was Carol and Doug Ross back together again! The fact that these two supremely successful actors reunited and came back to ER for the show’s series finale in 2009 solidified their places in my heart forever.


She epitomized 90’s glamour with her bountiful, bouncy curls and was everyone’s favorite nurse.



Now, the world recognizes her as an amazing actress for her incredible work on CBS’ hit The Good Wife. This show has won her accolades, awards and also a chance to show off her new fashion sense and that she looks better than ever! She has been nominated for and scooped up nearly every TV acting award there is. Here’s a quick look back at some of her best style moments.

I remember staying in one night while on vacation with my parents in 2001 to watch The Mists of Avalon, for which Julianna was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Morgaine. A fabulous miniseries and a $70 room service grilled cheese later, my ER- obsessed heart was finally able to see her as someone besides Carol Hathaway.

With The Good Wife, and her sleek, modern  hairstyle, Julianna shines as Alicia Florrick and brings every sort of relatable vulnerability- while remaining an incredibly strong working mother (with fabulous clothes) that any woman would be proud to look up to.





The 45- year old  has stunned at nearly every major Red Carpet, with nary a let down to speak of. I adore her style, honesty and courage.

She caught everyone’s eye (and a statuette) at the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards in her asymmetrical black Narciso Rodriguez.

She also took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama that Awards Season. At the 2010 Golden Globes (where she hugged Clooney!) she also rocked the asymmetrical trend with a dazzling ruby Narciso Rodriguez.


She scooped up a trophy at the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards in a tight chignon and gorgeous red YSL gown.

She did get some fashion criticism for her white Armani Prive gown that she wore to pick up her Best Actress Emmy at the 2011 show. I loved it, and it was refreshing to see such a seasoned Red Carpet winner stun in something avant-garde and interesting.

I also loved her most recent Red Carpet moment. At the 2012 Golden Globes this past January, she chose a purple/magenta open-backed Naeem Khan gown accented with turquoise earrings.

I’ve always admired her, and now the rest of the fashion world can too! Check her out with fellow TV beauties Sofia Veragara and Claire Danes on the cover of the upcoming Vanity Fair. Wow!

What is your favorite Julianna look? Do you prefer her as Carol Hathaway or Alicia Florrick?

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Lighten Up! Thursday, Mar 29 2012 

Warmer weather and the summer fashion season bring many changes to our lives. We change out our jeans for mini skirts, our high heels for flip flops, and our leather jackets for bikinis. Why should we not also change what we carry around every day?

I happen to love (with a capital “L”) my new Michael Kors “Hamilton Large Tote” that my generous husband gave me this past Christmas. The structured, neutral look is perfect for interviews and to give off a professional, polished vibe. I love how I can fit everything in it- my iPad, sunglass case, an extra water bottle, winter gloves, and all my daily necessities.


Women have been known to schlep too much stuff with them everywhere. But what if I need my Tylenol? Or my nail file? Or hand sanitizer? Or an empty travel mug? It’s true, we do need lots of things at our disposal, but we do tend to carry way too much extracurricular weight around on our shoulders and forearms.


That’s why, for summer, I like to switch it up to a nice light, seasonal bag that I can throw around at the beach, at the pool, and in the sweltering car. In the summer, we do need to carry more stuff sometimes, but we don’t want to be bogged down with any more than we need to be. I love straw, canvas and other light materials for summer.


Of course I love Michael Kors, so why not stay true to what you love? His Gia E/W Tote, shown here in “Kiwi” is the perfect size for stowing an extra headscarf to protect your hairdo when driving with the top down.

Doesn’t this Marc Jacobs bag just look like it belongs on the beach?

The Rachel Zoe “Kate” tote is soft and light, but still gives off a “pulled together” vibe that you can bring to work in the summer months.



This year, I’m favoring my new Elliot Lucca purse- the white and gold tones still go with everything and looks professional enough to bring to work, but it’s casual and lightweight. Throw in your sunscreen, an extra pair of sunnies, a hairbrush, a beach read and of course some water to stay hydrated in the higher temps!

What are your favorite summer bags? What is your must-have summer item your purse?


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Swimfan Tuesday, Mar 27 2012 

Beach weather is here in Charleston! I am so excited to explore my new home and see which beach has the softest sand and the cutest lifeguards (just kidding- I’ll be the redhead under the umbrella, slathered in sunscreen, reading Game of Thrones obsessively on my pink iPad)

But even if I’m not laying out soaking up those dangerous UV rays, I will go in the water, and I absolutely need a cute new bathing suit. I love the bright mint green color and tie details. Ties are one of my must-haves on a bikini bottom!This is currently on my shopping list before hitting the beach!

Hmm but first, I need that body. Any suggestions? Maybe less Easter candy, to start…



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My Own Kate Middleton Shoe Moment! Sunday, Mar 25 2012 

Yeah, right. Not really.

But I totally channeled the Duchess in these “copy-Kates” that I picked up last weekend. Super similar to Kate’s signature LK Bennett “Maddox” wedges that she wore the day after her wedding, the Antonio Melani (that I found at Dillards for I think $69) give me the confidence and air of the Duchess. The patent leather is perfect to wear to work for the transitional Spring season.

At least I like to tell myself that I’m channeling Kate. Yes, in my closet, they are my “Kate Middleton shoes”- and all my other shoes are just a little jealous.


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