I’m Still Here! (Just Distracted by the Olympics!) Tuesday, Jul 31 2012 

So sorry for my absence this summer. I’ve been busy- in the midst of moving, still, if you can believe it. Apartment hunting soon, traveling with the kitties, and lots of back and forth from the Cape. Can’t complain. Lots of fun summer projects, not the least of which is absorbing every bit of Olympic wonder.

Whether it’s ferociously devouring every Kate sighting- how GORGEOUS did she look in this picture from the Royal Academy of Arts last night? And she just exudes all sorts of adorable during her Olympic sightings-or cheering on Missy Franklin, and my fellow Massachusetts (Falmouth!) resident Aly Raisman, I’m stocking up on lots of blog posts for when I can get back to posting.


I’m also slightly obsessed with the best “Call Me Maybe” cover yet. Check out “Call Me Lochte”– how yummy is Ryan, by the way?


And huge congrats to Michael Phelps, who now has the most Olympic medals of any Olympian ever. Very cool for a FAC swimmer:)

How is everyone enjoying the Olympics? What’s your favorite event? Besides Kate watching, of course…



Go Team USA!!!

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Ski Style Tuesday, Apr 10 2012 

By now, the entire world knows that Prince William whisked his wife off for a ski break to celebrate their reunion. There was some original speculation on exactly where the Duchess was being whisked off to, but now that some photos have surfaced, it’s clear that the Royal Couple is enjoying some time on the slopes in Meribel at Three Valleys Resort with the Middleton clan. (much thanks to www.hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com for keeping me informed about the royals on holiday-I visit your blog every day!)

As if we didn’t already know that Kate looked gorgeous without make-up, there are some gorgeous photos of her, with a natural, sun-kissed glow from a day in the snow. Will and Kate looked like they’re having a blast with Pippa and her beau as well as Kate’s parents.

I happen to love Kate’s ski style. How does she still look so trim in the famously unflattering puffy skiwear? Maybe that’s her secret to being so perfectly skinny and toned? What brands is she wearing? Something tells me it’s not North Face. This makes me want to run out and grab a pair of pink ski pants, just for fun.

I have a feeling I’d still look like a marshmellow wearing a white puffy jacket with pink pants, but it’s fun to emulate Kate anyway, right? If Kate ever releases the name of the luxury ski clothing brand she favors, I’m sure their sales will skyrocket.

Still no word on who was baby-sitting Lupo while Will and Kate were away with her family. Perhaps Harry?

What are some of your favorite brands to wear on the slopes?

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My Own Kate Middleton Shoe Moment! Sunday, Mar 25 2012 

Yeah, right. Not really.

But I totally channeled the Duchess in these “copy-Kates” that I picked up last weekend. Super similar to Kate’s signature LK Bennett “Maddox” wedges that she wore the day after her wedding, the Antonio Melani (that I found at Dillards for I think $69) give me the confidence and air of the Duchess. The patent leather is perfect to wear to work for the transitional Spring season.

At least I like to tell myself that I’m channeling Kate. Yes, in my closet, they are my “Kate Middleton shoes”- and all my other shoes are just a little jealous.


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Lust List: LK Bennett Thursday, Mar 15 2012 

Ok, so my Kate Middleton obsession/girl crush has been well established. And as much as I’d love to emulate her style every day, her McQueen gowns, Jimmy Choo pumps and Pucci blazers (how adorable did she look playing hockey today, by the way?) are a bit out of my reach. But what makes Kate so likeable and appealing to the entire world is her ability to pair top-end designers fit for royalty alongside attainable brands like Zara, J.Brand, and one of her trademarks- LK Bennett.

The Duchess of Cambridge has favored LK Bennett for years, and turned to her signature style for several recent engagements alongside the Queen. She kicked off the Jubilee Tour in a gorgeous “teal” LK Bennett dress and jacket.

Kate usually turns to LK Bennett for footwear, as well.

She famously stepped out in the patent black “Maddox” wedges on the day after her wedding to stroll the Palace yard with new hubby Prince William. I was so enamored with this look that when I saw a similar pair (not LK, sadly) on sale at Dillards, I just had scoop to them up ASAP. I’ve worn them twice so far and try to do so in my best classy Kate “strut and wave.”

Today, for a surprise engagement with Great Britain’s Women’s Hockey team to celebrate the upcoming Olympics, Kate wore red twill J.Brand skinny jeans, an Emilio Pucci blazer, the official GB Paralympic scarf (you can copy this, it’s only 10 euros) and of course, her trusty LK Bennett “Art” heels. She has worn these shoes on previous occasions as well.

Good news for us here in the States- Nordstrom has started carrying LK Bennett! Her “Maddox” wedges are available for $285, and the black “Sledge” pumps she wears so religiously are available for $325.00. http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/l-k-bennett I may just have to scoop up a pair of these as well.

Check out the Europe LK Bennett site: http://www.lkbennett.com/

Much thanks to www.whatkatewore.com and www.hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com for keeping me always up-to-date on what my favorite fashion icon is wearing. Love both these sites so much!

What has been your favorite Kate shoe moment?

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Jubilee Tour photo courtesy of whatkatewore.com

Palace photo courtesy of shoewawa.com

Olympic engagement photo courtesy of hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com

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Nuts for NIVEA Thursday, Mar 8 2012 

Skin care is of the utmost importance. Removing makeup each night, although sometimes a dreadfully unpleasant task after a long night when your bed is so-lovingly-close and you have to splash cold water on your face and launch into a full cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing regimen, is one of the best things you can do for your health and appearance. Your hard work and extra moments of forced consciousness will pay off in a beautiful, radiant, glowing, healthy face.


But what about the rest of your body? In all this cleansing craze, have we neglected our neck, hands, elbows and legs, which can also fall prone to skin problems? Dry, irritated skin-especially in the winter months- creeps up all over, not just where your moisturizer hits. To solve this dilemma, one of my favorite brands to turn to is NIVEA.

Their “Prepare to Be Kissed” campaign is all about lip care- and their extensive line is divine, by the way. I have at least 4 tubes of NIVEA currently in use at all times- in my purse, my car, my husband’s car, at my desk, etc.


One of my favorite NIVEA products is their “Smooth Sensation” lotion. It’s practically a staple on my bedside at all times- I use it twice a day and love every minute of it. The silky feeling afterward is like a little spa treatment, sure to keep you calm all day long.


They also have a line of men-friendly (read: smells yummy but not too yummy) products. This is literally one of the only lotions my husband will endure. I think he secretly looks forward to it, like a mini massage. Maybe it’s the masculine packaging. In any case, their post-shave options are simply the best.




If you want to prep for Spring by adding a skin-kissed glow to your look, forego the tanning bad and enjoy NIVEA’s lathering sun products.

Of course, what most women want these days is that fountain of youth. While NIVEA makes no extraordinary claims of being carded while out for your 50th birthday celebration, these creams have been proven to improve skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance. Need more proof? 30-year old Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, with all the beauty resources of the globe available to her, stocks up on pots of NIVEA cream that cost a whopping 5 euros! Read the full story here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/theroyalfamily/8571208/Duchess-of-Cambridge-expected-to-fuel-sales-of-5-face-cream.html


What do you think of NIVEA? What is your favorite skin care product?


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Must-Have MakeUp Brushes Tuesday, Mar 6 2012 

I’ve become a bit of a beauty junkie lately. I’ve always loved cosmetics and make-up, but ever since the world read that Kate Middleton, before she was officially Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, would do her own makeup for the world’s most-watched wedding, the beauty product obsession has taken a turn.



Of course makeup selection is important, but equally important is what you choose to apply this make-up with. You could spend $80 on bronzer, but if you apply if incorrectly, it looks like utter rubbish. The best part about brushes is that they will last you through several seasons, trends and cycles of makeup. I have a few in my collection, but these are my all time go-to favorites:



My favorite new tool for all blush and bronzer application is the large, round powder brush my Trish McEvoy, known as the “Brush Powder Blush” in her collection. The soft bristles are perfect for an even, flawless, polished look. I have an old Sephora blush brush that I travel with and use occasionally.

My favorite new brushes, however, are for my eyes. The Trish McEvoy system of eyeliner brush application has me addicted. I really don’t know what I did before I discovered the “Brush 50 Angled Eye Lining” creation. I still sometimes head for my Kohl pencil, but nothing beats the simple, smooth lines that I achieve with the thin brush. The slanted line plays like a “connect-the-dots” along your top eyelid, and I find I get more control on the bottom lid by being able to angle my hand away from my eye, rather than trying to navigate a bulky pencil.

I also obviously love all of Trish’s brushes, but the one “dark house” in my makeup brush collection would be by MAC. The “Eye Shader” brush is perfect for adding a darker color on top of my neutral everyday shadow. I like to have separate brushes for nude-toned colors and those with darker pigments. The bristles in this MAC brush seem to cling to the color perfectly until I sweep it across my lid.

Every week, I clean my brushes thoroughly by submerging them in a coffee cup ( I have a special Christmas-themed one I use solely for brush cleaning now) with 2 tablespoons of dish soap and warm water. I let them soak all day and then dry overnight before wiping them clean on a (non-white) towel. I also like to store my brushes in a ceramic, decorative coffee cup, with the bristles pointing out. Germs and infections, be gone!


Kate Middleton Obsession Side note: I’ve been a Nivea addict for years, but that obsession has also charged into full swing once it was reported that Kate favors the 5 euro face cream. Check this out! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/theroyalfamily/8571208/Duchess-of-Cambridge-expected-to-fuel-sales-of-5-face-cream.html


What are your favorite makeup brushes?




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I Choose Choo! Thursday, Mar 1 2012 

All things Christian Louboutin have had my heart since my first pair of red soled delights was purchased from the New York store on a rainy December evening in 2008. Since then, my Louboutin love affair has taken me to their boutique on avenue Jean-Jacques and of course on rue de la Grenelle en Paris, and to the Bergdorfs Goodman personal shopping suite to secure my gold wedding shoes. I frame my shopping bags and keep the ecru shoe boxes and red dust bags to display proudly in my closet. I even have a Christian Louboutin Barbie. Yes, I have a weakness.


But, lately, thanks to Pinterest aiding my Kate Middleton obsession, another designer has made his way into my dreams. None other than a favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge herself: the prestigious Jimmy Choo.





I have become particularly enamored with a shoe I’ve seen on Kate’s feet several times- the Cosmic suede pump. She’s worn several Jimmy Choo creations for her special occasions and royal engagements, including April 29, 2011. She favored the Cosmic pump recently on her first official solo public engagement in early Ferbruary when she stepped out in a grey Jesire dress at a private viewing of the National Portrait Gallery’s Lucian Freud Exhibit.


She also had these on her feet when she stunned in a black velvet Alexander McQueen at the Sun Military Awards this past December.

I’ve never loved the almond toe on me, but then again I’ve never experienced a Jimmy Choo creation on my feet. I am in serious need of a closed-toe suede addition to my shoe wardrobe. Where better to turn than my latest Duchess inspiration? Kate wears the pump so well, and the soft suede just screams “Sophistication!” (this is screamed in a royal British accent, of course) Since I aspire to emulate Kate in every way possible, this shoe choice seems like a good move.


Of course classic black is a smart choice, but the shoe also comes in a lovely forest green and elegant plum color. Perhaps a pop of a rich, muted color could be just what a Little Black Dress needs. I am seriously considering making this Cosmic pump my new “save up” item and hoarding up my pennies in the name of Jimmy Choo.




I do hope Christian Louboutin will forgive me- he can be my Paris shoe amour, and Jimmy Choo can be my London lover. That sounds like the best tale of two cities a girl could dream of.

Thoughts on the Jimmy Choo Cosmic pump?

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Happy Birthday, Kate Middleton! What Kind of Puppy Should Will Get Her? Sunday, Jan 8 2012 

Remember the rumors before Christmas that Will was supposedly gifting a furry little friend to Kate for their first married holiday season? We doubt they’d keep something so cute a secret- but then there were these photos of Kate frolicking on the Queen’s estate over Christmas with two four-legged friends.

She already has an adorable black cocker spaniel Otto (sister Pippa is mom to his sister Ella, how cute)-this little guy made headlines when he reportedly ate a pair of pearl earrings Prince William had given to Kate. Aw- I’m sure he wasn’t in too much trouble- just look at that face! Maybe he just needs a friend to play with! If we’re assuming the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t unwrapped a live dog yet, here are some possible breeds she might favor.

It’s common international knowledge that the Queen has an affinity for Welsh Corgis. If Wills follows his grandma’s advice, could a new patriotic pooch be added to the royal doghouse?

Kate seems to be a lover of small breeds. Here’s a shot of her cuddling up to a fan’s adorable little Scottie/terrier/schnauzer.

Of course, with their active lifestyle, Kate and William would be perfect pup parents for larger breeds like labs and retrievers.

Whatever prized pooch they select, we’re sure the lucky dog will be a perfectly trained royal’s best friend.

It is Kate’s birthday- maybe there will be an announcement of a new furry family member soon? What do you think Will should give Kate? What kind of breed should be Otto’s new playmate?

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Most Influential Style Icons of 2011 Sunday, Jan 1 2012 

2011 has come and gone, and what are we left with? Lots of political problems, protests and progress flooded our news channels and front pages. Lots of stars graced lots of Red Carpets with gorgeous gowns. History was made all over the world.

Focusing on the more frivolous aspects of 2011, in addition to memories of my beautiful wedding, I am reflecting on everything we have learned from the world of celebrity style. So who influenced us the most, style-wise? Was it Anne Hathaway, Jen Aniston, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Beyonce, Sandra Bullock, Angelina?

Not sure I agree with Complex magazine naming Kanye West the “Most Stylish Celebrity of 2011”- but hey, I was team Ryan Gosling and didn’t agree with People naming Bradley Cooper the Sexiest Man Alive. We can disagree about these very important issues, people! Focusing on Red Carpet style icons, everyone will have their own favorites. Here are just a few of mine:

Second Runner-Up: Emma Watson.

She has it all: that soft, sophisticated ingénue look, complete with sexy new hairstyle to mark her transition from child star to serious actress. According to People magazine, Emma was tied with Justin Bieber for the most coveted hairstyle that folks wanted to emulate in their hair salons in 2011. Whether you can pull of the pixie cut or prefer Hermione’s flowing locks, Emma’s style can appeal to everyone.

Her boyish, smart street style plus her glorious, feminine turn in Lancome’s new ads make her one of the hottest starts of 2011. Be sure to keep an eye on this starlet in the coming years.

First Runner-Up: Anne Hathaway has had quite a year.

She started the year hosting the Oscars-in seven stunning outfits-with James Franco, starred as Catwoman in the highest-anticipated film in the Batman trilogy (which also means we get to see more of her in 2012), tributed Meryl Streep (in song!) and capped off the year with a rock and proposal from boyfriend Adam Shulman.

Her red carpet stunners top Best Dressed lists every year, and her effortless, European beauty captivates audiences and fashion critics alike. She’s been a favorite of mine for years, and she just keeps impressing. Left: Anne in red Valentino at the 2011 Oscars. Center: Anne in blue Giorgio Armani Prive, in white Givenchy, in red Tom Ford, all at 2011 Oscars.

And my Most Influential Style Icon of 2011 is: Of course, the crown jewel (so to speak) of fashionable celebrities is Kate Middleton, newly minted Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

From her glorious sapphire Issa engagement announcement dress, to her breathtaking Alexander McQueen wedding-dress-seen-round-the-world to that famous red maple fascinator for her royal tour in Canada, it was a good year for Kate. She is certainly a style icon to watch for the next few decades, and luckily for fashion fans, she can’t step out of her flat without a photographer capturing her ensemble.

My most recent Kate favorite? This gorgeous black Alexander McQueen stunner at the Sun Military Awards in December.

What do you think? Who was your Most Influential Style Icon of 2011? Who were your Worst Dressed?  Here is hoping 2012 brings lots more style and beauty. Happy New Year!!

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