Happy Birthday, Kate Middleton! What Kind of Puppy Should Will Get Her? Sunday, Jan 8 2012 

Remember the rumors before Christmas that Will was supposedly gifting a furry little friend to Kate for their first married holiday season? We doubt they’d keep something so cute a secret- but then there were these photos of Kate frolicking on the Queen’s estate over Christmas with two four-legged friends.

She already has an adorable black cocker spaniel Otto (sister Pippa is mom to his sister Ella, how cute)-this little guy made headlines when he reportedly ate a pair of pearl earrings Prince William had given to Kate. Aw- I’m sure he wasn’t in too much trouble- just look at that face! Maybe he just needs a friend to play with! If we’re assuming the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t unwrapped a live dog yet, here are some possible breeds she might favor.

It’s common international knowledge that the Queen has an affinity for Welsh Corgis. If Wills follows his grandma’s advice, could a new patriotic pooch be added to the royal doghouse?

Kate seems to be a lover of small breeds. Here’s a shot of her cuddling up to a fan’s adorable little Scottie/terrier/schnauzer.

Of course, with their active lifestyle, Kate and William would be perfect pup parents for larger breeds like labs and retrievers.

Whatever prized pooch they select, we’re sure the lucky dog will be a perfectly trained royal’s best friend.

It is Kate’s birthday- maybe there will be an announcement of a new furry family member soon? What do you think Will should give Kate? What kind of breed should be Otto’s new playmate?

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Cat People, Dog People Sunday, Jun 26 2011 

I am a cat person. Evidenced by the two sleeping felines contently curled up at my feet. I even have those adorable pink “Crazy Cat Lady” socks that I bought myself from a Prudential Center kiosk for fun.

(photo courtesy of my iPhone- this is my black kitten Ares. He has the biggest saucer eyes ever!)

Yet I remember a time, circa 1998, when my fifth-grade altar ego claimed to like dogs better than cats once. Oh, the peer pressure of art camp. Remember that stupid cartoon thing CatDog? Well, I couldn’t stand either the cat or dog, so when the idiotic idiosyncrancies were weighed against each other, I didn’t really come down on the side of the drooling canines (Sassy from Homeward Bound, anyone?) But choosing dogs was the overwhelmingly popular choice. I just kind of went with it, perhaps exhausted from all the oil painting to explain my preference for purring creatures yet again.

Dogs seem to be the more popular choice, or maybe it’s just that dog lovers are more vocal about popularizing it.

I love seeing people walk their dogs. I love walking my parents’ beloved yellow lab Crockett. It’s a very outdoorsy, healthy, California lifestyle thing to do. Walk on the beach, go for a hike, or hit up the ever-popular dog parks. Dogs are a great conversation piece- they allow people who have nothing in common except a four-legged, panting best friend to create lasting conversations and really bring people out of their shell. It’s hard to be grumpy and anti-social when you’re walking your dog. But to venture outside with your four-legged friend boasts a different dynamic than staying in your lovely home, curled up reading (or writing) with a tiny ball of fur for delightful companionship.

(photo courtesy of my iPhone- this is Crockett at his favorite place in the world, Wild Harbour Beach- he is sadly only allowed there in the off-season!)

People outside walking their dogs are in the mood to talk to other people outside walking their dogs, either talking about their walks, their dogs, or something completely unrelated to walking their dogs. It’s a time when you can interact with others while also quietly reflecting to yourself during those long stretches of sand when you’re throwing the ball or waiting for the one hundredth fetch.

(photo courtesy of my iPhone- Crockett with his most prized possession)

People inside snoozing with their cats are content enough to just sit alone with their own thoughts. It’s more of an introverted, personal, private mood that beckons the sandpaper-rough tongues of Egypt’s former rulers.

(photo courtesy of my iPhone- my princess Nimi, fast asleep in a little ball of silk)

(photo courtesy of my iPhone- Ares asleep, dreaming of mice maybe?)

The best part about animal companionship, though, is that we don’t have to choose to be just a private or a public person. We have days when we feel like taking a marvelous adventure out into the sunshine to have fun with our friends, or just driving with the windows down to give your dog a treat. Or we can have days where we want the world to leave us alone, and we can remain in constant control of who we share our day with. That’s when kitties are really the best companions in the world.

(photo courtesy of my iPhone- Nimi when she was a baby – so alert!)

Here’s to man’s best friends- one for each and every mood! So reach out and pet your favored fur baby:)

Pet Health Thursday, Jan 20 2011 

With the New Year health trend in full swing, we’re all hitting the gym, foregoing the triple shot fat lattes and thinking more about how to improve our overall health and wellness. But between the new sneakers, dumbbells in each hand, counting calories and running straight to the gym after work, we may be forgetting one major aspect in our lives: our furry friends!

Studies and researchers have shown that owning and caring for a pet can increase one’s health and longevity of life.

The Queen’s University (reports courtesy of Giuliana Rancic’s www.fabfitfun.com) has released reports that those who own dogs tend to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Guess all those long, brisk walks in the park are doing their job!

Minnesota Stroke Institute conducted a study revealing that kitty lovers are at a lower risk for heart disease. So all the cuddling and cooing sessions with the cute kittens are keeping your heart healthy!

So since owning a pet keeps you healthy and fit, how can you return the favor? In winter, it’s hard to get out for those long walks or ball-throwing sessions with the pooches. But don’t let that stop you from working out and getting in some quality outdoor time with your prized pup. Let him come out and jump around while you shovel the driveway- maybe even throw some bright pink tennis balls so they don’t get lost in the snow. And depending on the size of breed you currently cozy up to, make sure they’re properly prepared for the elements, whether it’s a cute little sweater or leg warmers and booties. Keep them fit and moving, and don’t let them start to shiver!

(photo courtesy of my iPhone- this is my gorgoeus puppy Crockett!)

For the feline friends, if you do let them venture outside, be sure they come in every night during the chilly temperatures. Usually, this isn’t hard, since they’re dying for a warm place to curl up, but if for some reason they linger, consider putting a little blanket or rug on your front stoop for them in case they don’t get your attention late at night. Even if they’re out in the cold, that’s better for their little bodies than sleeping on the cold ground. And be sure to give them lots of food and warm snuggles as soon as you see them in the morning! Keep their heart rate up by dangling colorful strings- this will also help keep their energy level up during the day so they’ll be happy to snooze next you come bedtime.

Check with your vet and favorite pet store for more ideas about how to keep your pet healthy and happy during the long winter months while you focus on your own body, mind and soul.