So sorry for my absence this summer. I’ve been busy- in the midst of moving, still, if you can believe it. Apartment hunting soon, traveling with the kitties, and lots of back and forth from the Cape. Can’t complain. Lots of fun summer projects, not the least of which is absorbing every bit of Olympic wonder.

Whether it’s ferociously devouring every Kate sighting- how GORGEOUS did she look in this picture from the Royal Academy of Arts last night? And she just exudes all sorts of adorable during her Olympic sightings-or cheering on Missy Franklin, and my fellow Massachusetts (Falmouth!) resident Aly Raisman, I’m stocking up on lots of blog posts for when I can get back to posting.


I’m also slightly obsessed with the best “Call Me Maybe” cover yet. Check out “Call Me Lochte”– how yummy is Ryan, by the way?


And huge congrats to Michael Phelps, who now has the most Olympic medals of any Olympian ever. Very cool for a FAC swimmer:)

How is everyone enjoying the Olympics? What’s your favorite event? Besides Kate watching, of course…



Go Team USA!!!

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